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Europe - Saint Patrick's Day in DUBLIN

Hey Guys! 

I just come back from Dublin where I’ve spent 4 fabulous days! In effect I was so glad to celebrate SAINT PATRICK’S DAY in Ireland, It was an exceptional experience and an amazing occasion to PARTY!  Beside the celebration of St Patrick’s Day; Dublin is an interesting city with many charming places and several historical monuments.

  • A little friendly reminder about geography:

Ireland is the third largest isle in Europe situated in the north Atlantic, however Republic of Ireland is not part of United Kingdom unlike Northern Ireland; consequently the currency isn’t pound but euro like in numerous European countries, more the official language is English.
Secondly state is devised in 32 counties, 26 parts of Republic of Ireland and the rest constitutes Northern Ireland and United Kingdom.

  • What’s Saint Patrick’s Day? :

TEMPLE BAR, during Saint Patrick's evening - Dublin
First of all Saint Patrick’s Day is a religious and cultural celebration, Saint Patrick is the foremost patron saint of Ireland according to the legend he converted the pagan Irish to Christianity. Tradition holds that he died on 17 March and was buried at Downpatrick therefore it’s the 17 March that Irish peoples commemorate the arrival of Christianity in the country

What to do/see?

Saint Patrick’s Festival:

Saint Patrick's Parade- Dublin
From noon, you can assist to the Festival parade, each year there is different themes and different Bands from entire Ireland, However expect crowded streets of Irish disguised, pressed in front of barriers to admire a magnificent parade, where the culture, the heritage, and the Irish history are represented. Festival Parade begins in Pamell Square and finish to the wonderful Saint Patrick Cathedral. After that, according to the tradition the celebration continue in IRISH PUBs! During approximately 12 HOURS!

Guiness Storehouse:

The Guiness Storehouse is situated in the Saint James’s Gate Brewery in the heart of the city. The Storehouse covers 7 floors you will discover and figure out different thing about Guiness’s ingredients, history of the brand and progress concern strategy, recipes and advertisement.
My favourite activity was in the 4th floor where we’ve found the workshop “GUINESS ACADEMY” principle is simple: Learn to prepare and serve your own GUINESS pint.
Guinness Storehouse - Dublin


Howth is a little village near Dublin (14 Kilometers). The Howth Cliff walk is a simply walk (approximately 2hours – 2h30), we’ve spent a wonderful afternoon: landscape were wonderful, and the little village of Howth so charming.
An ideal way to take a deap breath of fresh air!
Howth Cliff walk

Kilmainham Gaol:

Nowadays this prison is a symbol of the Irish, in effect many revolutionaries were emprisoned and executed in this prison by the British government.

Kilmainham Gaol - Dublin
There are may Cathedrals in Dublin but I advise to visit both of them: firstly the Christ church and secondly the Saint Patrick’s cathedral (however entry fees are not free, approximately 4-5€ each)
Work of street art: Mural painting and huge wall fresco are spread in the entire city!

Where to eat?

LEGIT coffee co:

LEGIT is a charming coffee with a pleasant atmosphere where you can savour a tasty hot chocolate and different kind of pastries. Personally I’ve opted for a delicious “Vanilla Flan” and a fabulous homemade hot chocolate.
This lovely place is situated in the “Antique quarter” of the city near to the Guiness Store house and the St Patrick’s Cathedral.
Believe me, it will be a good idea to have a break in this coffee shop for an enjoyable small snack;)
Flan & Hot Chocolate - LEGIT


Bankers is situated in the city centre near the quarter of the Temple Bar, with its typical Irish Pub decoration this place is one of my favourite due to its delicious and traditional Irish dishes.

Dog House:

The restaurant Dog house is the most surprising and uncommon restaurant that I’ve discovered during my trip in Dublin. Actually this restaurant is situated in Howth (The Howth cliff walk) the decoration is EXTRAORDINNARY, its patio is amazing and its menu is qualitative and accessible.
I’ve ordered a Salmon Pizza and it was just delicious, moreover my dessert was perfect too and I’ve the chance to savour my meal in a pleasant atmosphere.
Dog House patio - Howth

Joy of Cha:

Joy of Cha is actually mainly a Teashop but a cafe too; it’s situated in the heart of the city in the Temple Bar quarter. Its menu is varied and food is homemade and qualitative. Moreover prices are really inexpensive in particularly if we compare from other restaurant in this part of Dublin, it will be your perfect place to savour your breakfast, your brunch or your lunch.
Spinach & Feta - Joy of Cha

 Maybe Your Next Destination?

Anais R.

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