Sunday, 13 March 2016

Europe - Loch Lomond, Scotland

Hey Guys!

I hope you’ve appreciated my previous article, the first one of my "Scottish tour". To continue as promised I take you away in the Loch Lomond where I’was so glad to pass a couple of days.

  • A little friendly reminder about geography:

Loch Lomond is part of Trossachs National park, and it’s about 24 miles of Glasgow. This freshwater Scottish loch is 24 miles long and it contains more than 30 islands moreover it’s one of the most appreciated leisure Scottish destination.

First of all I Advice you to go in the little village of Balmaha and no Balloch like so many tourists. In effect Balloch Is not very interesting, landscapes are really wonderful in the area of Balmaha (about 12 miles of Balloch) you will discover more breathtaking places.

Balmaha Bay- Loch Lomond

Where to eat/sleep ? 

  • “Bunkhouse”

I spent one night in the Bunkhouse and it was very cool, we was 4 and we have booked the “The Roost self catering holiday chalet » with one double bed and a set of Bunk beds with a kitchen and its own bathroom. Moreover we have enjoyed of a view over Balmaha Bay.

Balmaha Bay- Loch Lomond

  • « OAK TREE »

There is no many restaurant in this area but the OAK TREE is a good place to taste traditional Scottish dishes, and the choice in the menu is important: Burger, Pie, Haggis etc… Prices are a little bit expensive but it’s not exorbitant and the food is tasty.
Diner in OAK Tree- Balmaha, Loch Lomond

What to do/ see?

  • Conic Hill

We have begun our trip with the “Conic Hill” this short hill walk offers truly fantastic views over Loch Lomond and its many islands. This walk is easy and the length is just 4,5 miles and the ascent about 1400 feet. I advice to take a lunch break in the highest point. The panoramic view in the summit compensates the effort!
"Conic hill" walk - Loch Lomond

  • Inchcailloch island

Inchcailloch is the largest island of the Loch Lomond National park (52 hectares). To got in the island you will find in Balmaha Bay a little boat, it runs from the bay to the little island. The island has wonderful woodlands and offers fabulous views in the summit out across the loch.
Inchcailloch Island- Loch Lommond

  • Luss

To finish you can easily board on a ship for 40 minutes and cross the loch so as toarrive in the charming and lovely village of Luss and visit it to finish your trip in the Loch Lomond

Maybe your Next Destination ?

Anais R.


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  2. I've been to Loch Lomond and it's a wonderful place! I recommend it!

  3. Do you remember how long have we stay in Inchcailloch ?


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