Saturday, 19 March 2016

Europe - Edinburgh, Scotland

Hey guys !

For my 3rd Scottish destination I’ve chosen to take you away in the capital of Scotland: Edinburgh! It's the most beautiful cities of the country with its numerous monuments and its charming old town. Moreover this historic city is the second largest of Scotland.

  • A little friendly reminder about geography:

Dùn Èideann (Edinburgh in gaelic) is located in the south of the country. It is recognised as Scotland’s capital since at least the 15th century also is home to the Scottish Parliament and the seat of the monarchy in Scotland.

What to do/see ?

  •        Edinburgh Castle
The visit of the castle is very interesting;  the panoramic view of the capital from the castle’s terrace is wonderful. However the only downside according to me is the expensive entry fee (16£).

Panoramic view from Edinburgh Castle
  •        National museum of Scotland
The National Museum of Scotland, was formed in 2006 with collections relating to Scottish antiquities, culture and history, and more with collections covering science and technology, natural history, and world cultures.
Good point: Entry fees are free.
  •        Ghost tour and Edinburgh Dungeon
! For the BRAVEST!
Edinburgh is full of haunted place, if you are not a wimp you can tempte in the middle of the night a ghost tour in the old town. You can visit different terrifying places like the hanted vaults for example.
For more information Clic
Price for a ghost tour: 10£
Entry fees for the Dungeon: 10,95 for student, ONLINE PRICE
For more information Clic

  •       Calton hill
In Calton hill’s summit you can enjoy of a panoramic view of the entire city! Moreover there are many monuments in this place such as the National monument or the Nelson monument.
Carton Hill- Edinburgh

Where to eat ?

  •        Forsyth’s Tearoom
Pastries in this tearoom are delicious, and the place is so exceptionnal with its antique decoration but the most surprising is the sweet grandma which cooking and prepare its tasty cakes.
Lemon pie & hot chocolate in Forsyth's Tearoom- Edinburgh
  • Jekyll & Hyde Pub
This pub is the most uncommon pub where i've gone, in effect you don't see an horror pub on every street corner. More, The menu of this themed pub is original and exceptional with crazy recipes cocktails for example!
Jekyll & Hyde pub - Edinburgh
  •        The Dome
It's definitely a real institution in Edinburgh due to its decoration and its tasty dishes. However prices are really expensive,  therefore I advise you to go in this place for a coffee, a tea or a cocktail if you have a small student budget.

The DOME - Edinburgh
  •        The elephant house

The Elephant house located in the heart of the historic part of the city is one of the most popular places in Edinburgh for a coffee or a lunch break. This restaurant is famous due to it was the place of inspiration to J.K. Rowling, who has written Harry Potter in this coffe shop.  

Maybe your Next Destination ?

Anais R.

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