Thursday, 3 March 2016

Europe - Split: Blue Lagoon and Trogir , Croatia

Hey Guys! 

I hope you have appreciated my previous post about the wonderful island of Santorini. Now it’s time to take you away in Croatia. I will present you 2 cities, firstly Split in this article and in my next post I will write about my City Trip in Dubrovnik.
Last years Croatia seems to be one of the favourite destinations of European young.
In effect this destination has really many advantages such as a low prices, charming places and several paradisiac beaches. To summarize, spend your holidays in Croatia will be for sure a good deal. 

  • A little friendly reminder about geography:

Croatia is a southern east European country; its capital is Zagreb (the most largest city). Concerning Split, it’s the second largest city in Croatia.  Moreover it is an important link with different Adriatic islands.

In effect Split is a charming city, due to its lovely streets, its beautiful old port and its numerous bars, restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious CHEAP meal. But for me the most interesting thing to do in Split is to explore around the city especially islands in Croatia’s Adriatic Sea coast.
This is why I have decided to write about the Blue Lagoon (near Split) and the historic old town of Trogir.

  •  Blue lagoon

The first step is to take a boat (you can book a tour there is many agency in Split’s port), after 30 minutes I’ve arrived in the Blue Lagoon, principle is easy-going: Relax you in this attractive place with brilliant turquoise water, everlasting sunshine and a sandy seabed. The Blue Lagoon is the perfect place to explore the colourful underwater world, use your time there to swim and snorkel.

  • Trogir, historic old town

The second step of my tour was the visit of Trogir: An historic old town founded in the 3rd century, this was an unique opportunity to discover a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is one of the best-preserved examples of a Romanesque-Gothic architecture not only in the Adriatic, but in all of Central Europe.
On my personal point of view, Trogir is in effect to small but it is very charming with it’s long port with many palm trees, wonderful boats and the several picturesque places and streets, to resume it is a real relax environment so far from tourist’s places in the largest town.

Therefore if you will have the chance to spend several days in Split there are many museums or you could visit the Diocletian’s Palace. But if you prefer opted for the “Relax option” there are many beaches in town’s coast.

Maybe your Next Destination ? 

Anaïs R.


  1. Great article! Looking froward for the next one :)

    1. Thank you Arnaud, the next one will be about the city of Dubrovnik ;) I hope you enjoy that!


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