Thursday, 31 March 2016

Africa - Nosy Be, Madagascar

Hey Guys!

After several post about European destination I’ve decided to take you away in Africa, moreover in my homeland, a paradisiac isle in the middle of the Indian Ocean: Madagascar.
You’ll discover 2 posts devote to this amazing earth gem, this one about the Island of Nosy Be in the north of Madagascar and the second one dedicated to the paradisiac place of Foulpointe in the district of Toamasina.

  • A little reminder about geography:

Madagascar is an island of 587 km2 situated in the Indian Ocean, near the coast of the southeast Africa. Concern language, Malagasy and French both are official languages of the state. To finish this brief, the capital is Antananarivo and the currency is the Malagasy « Ariary ».
Concern the island of Nosy Be it is an island of the northwest coast of Madagascar, it’s the biggest and busiest tourist resort of the country.

Where to sleep? :

First of all Nosy Be is a real touristic destination therefore I advise you to compare and book your accommodation very early. Consequently prices are higher if we compare from other regions of Madagascar, but there are different range of prices and different kind of accommodation types.

Personally I’ve stayed in the « Royal Beach Hotel Resort ». This is a really charming hotel resort, rooms are spacious, the customer service is perfect, and facilities are exceptional too with its own private beach, its large swimming pool, its tennis court, and its own spa.

What to do? :

Whereas the fact that Nosy Be is a beautiful destination with its own beach and its coral reef I advise to travel all around the island, in effect there are many Islands preserve from the horde of tourists. Many enjoyable excursions and day trip are organize every day to discover the natural wealth of this region far from tourist places. I’ll present both of them, according to me this places are the most beautiful and exceptional of Nosy Be’s isles:

Nosy Tanikely

This island is one of the most beautiful in this district; in effect its long beaches with fine and white sand are exceptional. Moreover it’s one of the most appreciated spot to practice snorkelling with its crystalline turquoise water!

Nosy Komba

Nosy Komba is the perfect place to discover the Malagasy wildlife! Due to this amazing little island is full of makis and lemur; It will be your chance to discover its strange and very cute animal!

Maybe Your Next Destination?

Anais R.

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