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Europe - Copenhagen, Danemark

Hey Guys!

I hope that my first three posts about Caribbean destination was very interesting and gave to you the desire to took the first plane to Dominican Republic, Sainte Lucia or Guadeloupe…
Now I will took you away in Scandinavia (!! Drop in temperature!! ).
Little reminder, I have explained in my first article that actually I am studying in Glasgow during 1 year. I had the chance to travel in many destinations from Scotland during my year abroad. Therefore I will begin this week with a very interesting city-trip that I have done in November, in the capital of the Denmark: Copenhagen.

  • A little friendly reminder about geography: 

Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. Its capital is Copenhagen, and the currency the Danish krone (DKK).
Just for information: 1 €= 7 DKK, and 1£=9,5 DKK. However the living standard is very raise in Scandinave country if we compare with United Kingdom.

I bought my airline ticket 2 months before my trip, I have travelled with Ryanair and paid 60€ for the return flight (It’s very cheap if I compare with price from France).
Also, For my part I have choose to buy the “CPH Card”, despite its high cost (799 DKK) I have had enjoy of lot of museum, attraction include in the price of the card, moreover the card include ALL conveyance (subway, bus, bus from airport) Consequently considering higher prices and high living standards in particularly for transport: I had absorb its price quickly.

For more information, just one Clic

What to do in Copenhagen?

  • Nyhvan

Nyhvan is the most famous place in the town, a lovely place with lot of charm. Enjoy your sunny day with a little walks along the canal it will be very pleasant. That’s a real atypical place. There is many restaurant, coffee but I discourage you to choose a restaurant here, in effect this is a very touristic place and prices are raise and food is not excellent and local.

Nyhvan- Copenhagen

However I recommend the Canal tours (This excursion was include in the CPH card's package) so as to discover the town in a different way, and see different attractive places and monuments, for example: The Little Mermaid of Copenhagen.

For more information, just one Clic

Canal tour- Copenhagen

  • Tivoli Gardens

The Tivoli garden is internationally known, this park is a famous amusement park and also a pleasure garden moreover is the second oldest operating amusement park in the world!
I had the chance to go in the Tivoli during the period of Christmas and see all the Christmas decorations! It was wonderful, just exceptional. As a matter of course rides are so cool and adapted for every taste and age (Entry fees were included in the CPH card)

For more information, just one Clic

TIVOLI garden - Copenhagen

  • Arken Museum

Next Denmark is very famous for its works of modern art and design. So why not visit the Arken Museum, a museum of Modern art in the north of Copenhagen (Entry fees were included in the CPH card).  And why not enjoy of the beach near the museum place an other charming facet of Denmark.

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ARKEN Museum- Copenhagen

  • Frederiksborg castle

This castle is the most beautiful that I have ever seen. In effect with its immense garden this is a delightful place. Moreover the interior of the castle is so great, with superb ceilings mouldings, immense paintings and Danish work art. Add to all of this, the most surprising was the exhibition of modern painting and photos in the last floor of the castle, thats's exceptional way to visit an historical monument and a great museum. 

For more information, just one Clic

Frederiksborg Slot Castle

  • Freetown Christiana 

Copenhagen is also famous for its particular district of Christiania: this area is a free city, free of taxes and run by its own laws. Christiania is a real experience; a hotchpotch of warehouses, huts and houses, colourful murals and outdoors sculptures. Visitors are welcome to stroll around Christiania and to eat and drink in the area’s cafés, restaurants and bars. However, Christiania has always been controversial and is still a very hotly discussed area, not least because of problems with the trading of drugs. Moreover you don’t must take any photo or film inside the Freetown.

Where to eat in Copenhagen?

  • Paludan Bogcafé

Paludan is a perfect suit between traditional bookstore and functioning eatery.  Due to it is my first favourite place to eat in Copenhagen. Firstly because price is inexpensive (if we compare with  average prices in Copenhagen), less than 12£;also there is an important choice, and to finish food is really tasty. I have opted for a delicious sandwich with its roasted potatoes. Obviously all the food is homemade.

For more information just one Clic

Delicious sandwich in Paludan Café

  • Copenhagen Street food 

Other wonderful place to eat: Street food, a real delight, and the better way to discover different culinary culture. This is an ideal place if you want to test different food of different culture: Brazilian, American, Chinese, Italian and more. In effect, its concept is very interesting: an immense warehouse, an exceptional street food market with several stands.

For more information just one Clic

Street Food- Copenhagen

  • 8 TALLET

8 Taller is a beautiful restaurant on the river edge’s. All the mains are homemade and so tasty, however price is enough raise (approximately 70£ for two meals). However i advise the Carpacio parmesan and the Steak béarnaise! 

For more information just one Clic

Carpaccio parmesan- 8 TALLET, Copenhagen

That’s all for my city-trip in Copenhagen I hope that you have appreciated it, and that this post give us the desire to go in this surprising city and discover Scandinavia.

Maybe your Next Destination ?

Anais R.


  1. Thank you for this article I did not know Copenhagen was such an interesting and beautiful city! Now I will think about it for my next trip destination.

  2. I dream to travel in Copenhagen, this city seems amazing ! Thank you for this first visit :)


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