Monday, 15 February 2016

Hey Guys !

My name is Anaïs,

I am a 21 French student, but actually I am studying in Glasgow in order to finish my bachelor of Marketing.
My parents have a passion for travels, and consequently I fall in love of travelling since I’m young.
It’s exciting no? : The trip’s preparation, the departure and to finish the several memories. I love this feeling.

Therefore I have imagined and created this blog so as to share my experience, my memories, and my favourite places all around the world.
Every week I will post several articles, each about one destination: a city, a country or a particularly region.
In each article I will detail what I had prefer during my trip: places to have fun, wonderful and beautiful landscape, good addresses and tips for example.
More, all my articles will be illustrate by some pictures, I am the author of all of them.

Are you ready to follow me in my trips, so as to discover earth’s gems?

You will discover different facets of the world: sun, coldness, beach, protected place, city trip etc.…

Venice; Liverpool; Copenhagen; London; Scotland Balmaha; Santorini- Oia; Saona Island- Dominican Republic; Antigua & Barbuda

Anaïs R.

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