Sunday, 28 February 2016

Europe - Krakow, Poland

Hey Guys ! 

I just come back from a charming city trip in an Eastern European country,  in the town of Krakow in Poland! I take you away in this exceptional city with a little budget !

  •       A little friendly reminder about geography:

Krakow is in Poland, it is the second largest town in the country (the first is Warsaw) and one of the oldest cities in Poland. After the invasion during the World War 2, Krakow was the capital of the General Germany’s movement.
The currency is the polish zloty (PLN), 1€= 4,4PLN and 1£ = 5,5 PLN.

What to do?

  • Old Town

I can say that Krakow is one of the most beautiful and charming cities in Europe. The large medieval square in the centre of the city offers to you many lovely streets with different kind of shops, restaurants or coffees. The Main square is really wonderful, with its traditional homemade market, you can offer a bouquet of flower to your girlfriend for just 3€ or better do a horse-drawn carriage. The standard of living is so cheaper from our, you can enjoy and test different activities. To finish your tour in the old town go to visit the Castle Wawel. Entry fee are free, the castle and the cathedral are great, it really worth it.

  • Kamierez
Kamierez is the old Jewish neighbourhood, many people describe it like the better district of the city, it is really different with its churches and synagogues and other historical monuments. Today is a really cultural district; many young come to this part of the town. Scatter on the district, there is street art, concept stores or second-hand clothes stores and different kind of restaurants. Go in the place Nowy to discover a little market with old objects: war medals, old jewelry

  • Auschwitz – Birkenau

Near Krakow, (1 hour) there is the Death Camp of Auschwitz. For me the visit of this camp was a good experience, in effect in few hours you can learn and find out many things about this war, and about this slaughter, it was very interesting.

  • Salt Mine

Salt mine is a natural treasure, the visit is long  (more than 2 hours) but you can see wonderful and exceptional things. In effect there are few places like this in the world where you can descend 125 meters underground.

Where to eat? 

Brunch and Breakfast

  •  Milk Bar Tomasza

Milk bar are frequent in Poland, they are really cheap. In the Old Town, near the Main Square the Milkbar Tomasza is a perfect place to begin your day, its omelette are delicious are if you prefer a sweet breakfast you can order its tasty pancakes.
Budget: You can for less than 5 €, with 2 pancakes for 3€ and one orange juice for 1€.

  •  Plac Nowy 1

The Plac Nowy 1 is set in Kaziemierez, with its lovely veranda this is a perfect place to enjoy your meal. There is an important choice concerning breakfast menus and despite the wonderful decoration and the good service, prices are not expensive.
Budget: I have ordered a sweet breakfast, with one orange juice: 5€

  •        Polskie Smakie

This little restaurant near the old town is fine if you want to savour a polish breakfast with a little budget I have chosen the pancake with apple, my course was delightful and so generous.
Budget: Less than 4€

Lunch and Diner

  •        MOA BURGER

For me this was the best burger bar in Krakow, there is every time lot of people here, but Burgers are really delicious and the menu is very multifarious.
Budget : Between 5 and 8 €

  •    Restauracja Polska

I have taken my last lunch in Krakow in this polish restaurant, just before my departure. And for me it was definitely the BEST polish restaurant in Kamierez, I have tasted the traditional polish dishes in this place and it was wonderful in particularly the Pierogi with meat.
Budget : 7€ for one starter, one main course and one drink

  •        Marmolada

Marmolada is in the heart of the old town, this place is very charming and staff is really gorgeous, it was my birthday and they offered to me a cake with a candle so as I make my birthday’s wish ;) 
Prices are a little bit more expensive from standard prices in Krakow but the food is really tasty! I have tasted Traditional beef tartare and veal with Gorgonzola sauce.
Budget: One bottle of wine and 2 menus, 50€

  •       Mammamia

This is an Italian restaurant, the decoration is so cool, and the menu very varied. We have opted for a selection of cheese for two for the main courses a plate of cannelloni with salmon and delicious Gnocchi.
Budget: 9€, for the starter and the main course.

Where to sleep?

You can choose a hotel, prices are really cheap in this town, but I have preferred the location of flat, with AirBnb for approximately 15€ per person/per night, but you can easily find lower prices. 

Maybe your Next Destination ?

Anais R.


  1. As always, Anaïs show us a marvellous city and its treasure. Definitely my next destination!

  2. I didn't think there are lot of beautiful spot to visit in this city ! Awesome


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