Thursday, 18 February 2016

Caribbean Dream - Antigua & Barbuda, Tortola and Sainte lucia

Hey Guys!

This is my last post about Caribbean destination after the discovery of Dominican Republic and French West Indies.
For my last step of this Caribbean dream I took you away to Tortola, Sainte-Lucia and Antigua Barbuda.
My first destination in this article is Tortola


  • A little friendly reminder about geography:

Tortola is the largest and most populated of the British Virgin Islands a group of islands that form a part of the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

I have chosen to talk about one wonderful experience in this post, in effect during my trip in Road Town I have had the chance to swim with dolphins.
This experience was very expensive but it worth it. I lived my dolphin swim adventure in the centre “Dolphin Discovery” for 50 minute he gives you a kiss, a hugs or a handshake and to finish you can have a free time with him.

Existing different deals from 79$

  • For more information, Just one clic
Dolphin Discovery - Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Now i take you away, 200 miles farther, in Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua and Barbuda

  • A little friendly reminder about geography:

Antigua and Barbuda is a country encompassing its 2 namesake islands and several smaller islands. Positioned where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet. The official language is English and the Capital is St John’s.

My favourite place in Antigua is the Jolly beach some kilometres farter to the capital St John’s. A perfect place if you want to be relax or so as to swim, do snorkelling, The ideal package to enjoy of a sunny day and why not, rent a sunbathing (this is really cheap!).

This place is perfect to practice water sport, as a matter of fact you can rent: Jet Ski, or do upward parachute, personally I have opted for sea kayaking. This was very cool; the water was turquoise, the beach so beautiful and the local population very likeable.

Jolly Beach - Antigua & Barbuda

Near Jolly Beach there is a little lovely place, “Jolly harbour”, a little township so charming.
Jolly Harbour - Antigua & Barbuda

For my last destination in Caribbean Sea, at 220 miles from Antigua and Barbuda, I will present a little and charming beach in Sainte Lucia Island.

Saint Lucia

  • A little friendly reminder about geography:

This is a island nation in the eastern Caribbean, the capital is Castries and the official language is English.

I have chosen to finish my Caribbean tour with a paradisiac beach at 10 miles from the capital Castries in "Reduit Beach". I have opted for an essay for snorkeling and a funny time with my little sister in a giant buoy pulled by a ship.

Reduit Beach- Sainte Lucia
Maybe your Next Destination ? 

Anaïs R.

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